The FlyTriever


The FlyTriever

The FlyTriever is a device that assists in retrieval of fly’s caught in trees, and avoids leaving tippet in undesirable places.

It is CNC machined from Dupont™ Delrin® and has a mass of only 20 grams including  4 metre long cord.

When not in use, the cord is securely wrapped around the prongs, which ensures that it is tangle free and ready for use when required.[/vc_column_text][mk_custom_list style=”e27f”]

  • To use, unfurl the cord.
  • Insert the longer prong into tip ring of rod. (on rods with very small tip rings, it can be inserted into the next ring down)
  • Holding the cord, use the rod to place the FlyTriever hook over the branch that the fly is stuck in.
  • Withdraw the rod carefully whilst keeping the cord under tension.
  • Use cord to pull branch down.
  • Remove fly and FlyTriever then release branch. (flicking the cord after releasing branch will dislodge the FlyTriever if not possible to remove with
  • Stow cord by winding around both prongs, securing the loose end by pulling tight along edge of longer prong.


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