DFP Tippet Nipper

This tippet nipper has been designed to be easy to hold, and able to cut tippet material precisely, even on the smallest of flies, with a handy hook eye cleaner, and powerful Neodymium magnet fly holder.   

The Slice Products micro-ceramic blade will cut through tippet and leaders with surprising ease, thanks to the high-quality ceramic and precision grinding process used by Slice for their blades.

The body of the nipper is 3D printed from the same material that the Flytriever is made from. (Onyx, a micro carbon fibre filled nylon) This is incredibly tough, and a perfect mating surface for the Slice ceramic blade.

The well shielded, but easy to use stainless steel needle point can clean varnish from the smallest hook eyes. (eyesight and dexterity dependent feature!) 

The Neodymium Magnet can hold flies ready for use and hold it in place on a zinger, (if zinger has a ferrous body, or another magnet in it) although it can just be kept in a handy pocket, as difficult to drop! (Neodymium magnets are not safe for anyone with a heart pacemaker, so if the nipper is for someone with one, please ask us to supply it without the magnet!) 

Price £14.95 including postage.  


Flytriever is a device that assists in retrieval of fly’s caught in trees and helps prevent leaving tippet in undesirable places.

The original Flytriever was CNC machined from Dupont™ Delrin® and had a mass of only 12 grams, (20 grams including cord) the MK11 version is 3D printed on a Markforged 3D Industrial printer using a high strength composite base material called Onyx, (a micro carbon fibre filled nylon) reinforced with continuous fibreglass filament. This has allowed the weight to be reduced to 8 grams! (16 grams including cord) 3D printing has allowed the prong that fits into the tip ring to be tapered to a more delicate point, allowing it to fit snugly in even smaller tip rings.

When not in use, the cord is securely wrapped around the prongs, which ensures that it is tangle free and ready for use when required.

Fed up of leaving your flies stuck in trees and bushes?
The Flytriever is for you!



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PFM Engineering is a small mechanical design and prototype manufacturing business based in Cumbria

We use SolidWorks 3D design  software,  Fusion 360 Design & Manufacture software, Markforged 3D printers, and Haas CNC machines to produce small batches of precision components in a range of materials.

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